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Poor Little Rich Girl



January 23, 1950
Lethbridge Herald
Heiress En Route Montreal?
Winnipeg, Jan.23. (CP)
Outdoing Garbo with "I want to be alone," Beverley Ann Van Horne, great grand-daughter of the late Sir William Van Horne, passed through Winnipeg early today on a plane bound for her home at Montreal. She left Calgary earlier today. At least, it is believed the missing Montreal heiress passed through the city, although Trans-Canada Air Line officials strongly denied her presence aboard flight six.

Newspaper men were unconvinced as the company called out a special guard to make sure no reporters got aboard the liner. According to the passenger list, the poor little rich girl who ran away from home and another woman may have been on the airship under the name of Barclay. Also on the list was Detective Sergeant William Phillips of Montreal, who was sent half-way across the continent to bring her back. Denials Made And although some reporters claim they saw Phillips name on the list, the airways' ramp control chief also denied his presence. When shown a picture of the 17-year-old mystery girl, two stewardesses also said she was not on the craft. Chief Pilot Larry Brown, however, said "It wouldn't surprise me a bit if a girl like that was with us."

While all this conversation was going on, a girl's face appeared at one of the plane's windows, but it quickly disappeared from view as a photographer raised his camera for a "shot." Miss Van Horne has been endeavoring to throw reporters off the track since Sgt. Phillips found her living in a Vancouver rooming house and supporting herself on the money she earned as a dishwasher. She had left home Dec. 15 and arrived in Vancouver two days later. Plans Changed At Calgary, Sgt. Phillips, who said he guess Miss Van Horne left home because "she was discontented with her life," told reporters the girl would return to Vancouver. He said so much unfavourable publicity had changed plans to send her back to her grandparents in Montreal. That was after the sergeant escorted a woman, identified as a Miss Bruce, Vancouver juvenile, welfare officer, to a plane bound for Vancouver. But several hours later, Sgt. Phillips, Miss Van Horne and a Montreal police woman, who said she was "Miss Therian," caught a plant for Montreal.

The departure for the east ended a four-day vigil for Calgary reporters who haunted the hotel where Miss Van Horne and Miss Bruce stayed since their arrival from Vancouver Thursday night. They reMained in the room all the time refusing to answer the door and had their meals sent up. Stops in Toronto Toronto, Jan.23. (CP) Sheltered from questioning and prying eyes, Beverley Ann Van Horne, 17-year-old Montreal heirss, stopped in Toronto for a few hours today between planes. Flanked by Montreal detective sergeant, a private detective and a woman companion, the girl was whisked from her Calgary Plane at suburban Malton t an undisclosed point in Toronto. Flight officials said she would catch a plane for Montreal later today. Dressed in an expensive fur coat, Miss Van Horne held her collar up against her face as press cameras clicked.